3. Details of Pouches

12 11, 2017

Advantages of Custom Printed Label Service


Custom printed label service provides many benefits to different industries. Companies use it to make their products stand out from their competitors. Without a custom label, consumers can’t distinguish the product from the competitors. The primary use of custom printed label service is for brand promotion. It is the best way to get your message

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25 10, 2017

The Importance of Coffee Valves for Pouches


Maintaining the freshness of coffee requires a one-way valve and gas flushing. The latter replaces oxygen with nitrogen. It is important to get rid of oxygen in the coffee pouch to maintain its quality and improve shelf life. Coffee valves for pouches are as important as gas flushing. It is one thing that makes coffee

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22 10, 2017

How to measure stand up pouches


How to measure stand up pouches? A, B= 5MM D+C= 3~5cm F=Bottom Gusset Size /2 Material Structure PET/PE, PET/CPP, PA/PE, OPP/CPP, PET/VMPET/PE, PET/AL/PE, BOPP, PVC etc Feature & safety 1. Safety Food Grade Material & Ink, Eco-friendly packaging 2. High temperature, freezer & pressure resistance 3. Leak proof and moisture proof 4. reclose and easy

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13 10, 2017

How do I measure a Flat Bottom Pouch With Zipper


Flat bottom pouches are new style packaging which has combination of stand up pouch and side gusset. This pouch looks like brick after the product is filled. The style of the pouch still looks unique and still has that tea and coffee packaging touch. These bags are the most expensive compared with stand up pouches

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12 10, 2017

Tear tab to open the bag


The Sino Zipper Bags benchmark product; Tear tab to open the bag; is convenient, sustainable, hygienic and easy to use. It features an easy-open and re-closure zipper device on the top of the package. Accessing the contents of the bag merely involves, grabbing the bag, and tearing it open. Just below the tear is a

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11 10, 2017

Foil stamping on pouches


Our minimum quantity for custom foil stamping on pouches is 500 pieces in each product. We can do foil stamping on plastic pouches and paper pouches. We cannot print very thin text matter in foil stamping. Barcodes cannot read in foil stamping. We can only do foil stamping on flat surface so we cannot do

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