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9 11, 2017

Mold for Rice and Other Cereal Vacuum Bag


Packaging as an industry is constantly evolving. Brands look for ways to improve their packaging and keep the items as fresh as possible. It is also important to make the packages look attractive as this plays a vital role in enticing the customers and making them embrace a particular brand. Sino Zipper Bags, a leader

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9 11, 2017

Automatic Packing Three Side Sealing Machines


Do you want to boost your production efficiency? Is your business blooming, but your equipment cannot cope with the challenges? Increasing demand in productivity can be a mixed blessing. Unless the business features the equipment required for covering the increased demand, more orders do not automatically mean more profit. In case you wish to enhance

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18 10, 2017

Heat Sealers


Depending upon the task that you need to fulfill, particular requirements, and the standard of your industry, there are heat-sealing machines that can successfully complete the task. Heat sealer is a device that is used to seal the products in thermoplastic pouches and bags. This machine is commonly used in different industries such as packaging

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