5. Material

14 09, 2018

What is the good materials for paper packaging


The most of packaging is made from white card paper ( one side coated paper or art paper) in China. The paper thick is 250-350 GSM ( Grams per square metre). Also the nature paper (without coated) is good choice, like Kraft paper and black cards paper. We know the paper is friendly for the environment,

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19 11, 2017

PolyEthylene Terephthalate (PET) film


PET film or PolyEthylene Terephthalate film is a thermoplastic polymer commonly referred to as Mylar® polyester film. Like most thermoplastics, PET films can be biaxially oriented (BOPET film), bubble extruded, and co-extruded (co-extruded PET film). Polyester film is one of the most common substrates used in the converting industry because of its balance of properties

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19 11, 2017

Polyethylene Film (PE Film) for flexible packaging


PE = Polyethylene. is a plastic material belonging to a group of polymers called polyolefins. It is usually first categorized by its density as indicated in the abbreviations e.g. HDPE (high density PE), MDPE (medium density PE), LDPE (low density PE) , LLDPE (linear low density PE). PE or polyethylene is used in greater volume

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19 11, 2017

The PP, OPP, CPP film material for flexible packaging


PP is polypropylene, a common plastic. OPP is oriented PP: It is PP that has been stretched in order to orient its molecules which makes it stronger in the direction of orientation. CPP is clarified PP: It is PP with a chemical additive blended into it that makes the normally cloudy PP relatively clear. OPP

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