Custom_print_notebook_free_shipping_cute_paper_printable_a5_thick_bullet_notebook Custom_print_notebook_free_shipping_cute_paper_printable_a5_thick_bullet_notebook Custom_print_notebook_free_shipping_cute_paper_printable_a5_thick_bullet_notebook

Custom print notebook cute paper printable a5 thick bullet notebook

The notebook is made of China.You can use a notebook to record your life.You can also use a notebook to calculate mathematics.You can send a notebook as a gift to a child.The notebook uses high quality white cardboard.The inner page uses high quality double adhesive paper.There are 28 sheets of internal pages.This book has a lot of advantages.You can bring your books to wherever you want to go.Record everything you see.The cover of the book was covered with a layer of Matt Lamination. Even in rainy days, books are not easy to get wet.A light appearance and a portable size.If you want to customize the notebook, please contact us.