Foil stamping on pouchesOur minimum quantity for custom foil stamping on pouches is 500 pieces in each product. We can do foil stamping on plastic pouches and paper pouches. We cannot print very thin text matter in foil stamping. Barcodes cannot read in foil stamping. We can only do foil stamping on flat surface so we cannot do foil stamping on gussets.

Foil stamping on pouches looks fantastic. I strongly recommend to make foil stamping on pouches so the pouches looks fantastic.

Sino Zippers can do hot stamping or foil stamping on paper and plastic pouches. A metallic finish is affixed using heat and pressure, to transfer the metal foil on the pouch. Printing cannot occur on the gusset, only on the flat surface of the pouches. Of late, customers have expressed maximum satisfaction and increased sales of their products by using foil stamping. Unlike other printing methods, it is unique, superior and the most elegant form of finishing.

Popular Brands who Use Foil Stamping

McDonald’s uses foil stamping in their stores and products. You can spot their golden metallic arches on the logo, which project a prestigious feel of their products. They started using the logo since 60years back, and the benefits are visible. In fact toddlers, in a study conducted in Australia, showed a preference to the logo.

Gillette’s MACH3, launched in the 90’s, featured foil stamped graphics. The product had a higher price tag, but with time, it became the highest selling razor, both in the US and Europe. They only did it in 6months. If McDonald and Gillette pulled it off, other brands can anticipate similar results.

Reasons for Foil Stamping

Businesses now operate in a very saturated market. It is typical to find hundreds of brands for everyday items such as natural products, enough to make your head spin. Most companies use silk printing to create attractive finishes, thus all products will appear similar. You can amaze and grab attention quickly using shiny gold and silver colors, and other inks.

The benefits in details include:

Marketing Your Brand: A customer who spots your product’s exquisite finish will talk about the product and recommend it to other people. The packages can be part of a special offer when the company is celebrating a milestone or as displays in trade shows. At Sino Zippers you can order a small quantity of 500 bags. The printing will be done promptly and at a reasonable cost.

Loyalty: Companies can engage and form deep bonds with customers through quality products. Regardless of the store, they find your product quickly because of an instant attraction. They will also locate your stand up pouch among hundreds of other products.

Convenience: Stand up pouches are smaller, use less material and offer better functionality than cans, cups or cartons. The pouches can free stand on the shelf without support, due to their gusset bottom. You can perform numerous customizations on the pouch by using different zippers and shapes. The pouches have a less environmental impact.

Application of Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is used in numerous products, in cosmetics, food and beverages, toothpaste, and more. You can find application of custom hot film printing in other items such as business cards, book covers, holiday cards, stationery, and seals, among others.

Sino Zippers Foils Colors and Finishes

You can create a wide array of prints in numerous colors and finishes. Our specialists can advise on the best designs best suited for your brand(s). At the end of the manufacture process, you will receive eye-catching and topnotch pouches to sell your items. All your products will stand out, just for a small investment.