Clear zipper pouches (100 pieces)


Thickness: 80 micron

Material: PET+PE

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Zipper pouches are popular with people because they are very convenient to store and carry food items. They can be opened and closed easily and tucked inside bags when traveling. Even after opening, you can keep the snacks and other food items protected by resealing the pouches. Zipper bags, made from premium quality plastic and with re-sealable zippers are ideal to keep food fresh for days.

We offer the best quality of zipper bags for our esteemed clients. They are available in an assortment of sizes, from 8*12 cm to 24*35 cm. The smaller ones are ideal to store coffee, tea or spices. You can store single serves of food items in the bigger ones.
Our clear pouches help you to identify the items easily and come with high barrier protection to keep them fresh. You can customize them for professional use or get them for personal purposes. The competitive pricing, coupled with high quality and usability makes our clear zipper bags a favorite with everyone.

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