Clear/White Three Side Seal Zipper Pouch with Round hole (100 pieces)


Thickness: 80 micron

Material: Pearlized BOPP+CPP

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From impressing target audience to making them loyal customers, packaging plays a huge role in making a brand successful. Thus, we innovate and offer our clients with unique packages. The clear white pouches with three sides sealed are one such packaging option. The versatility of these pouches makes popular with clients.

You can store food items in them as well as mobiles and batteries while traveling. The zipper pouch would keep food items fresh. The clear front helps in identifying the content easily. Thus, consumers are more likely to buy the products that are packed inside.

The clear/white three side seal pouches come with a round hole that makes them doubly convenient. You can hang them on hooks and also reuse the pouches if needed.

From small pouches ideal to pack batteries to bigger ones suitable for nuts or candies, get the versatile three side seal zipper pouches in different sizes and keep your customers happy.

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