Sprinkling coffee from jars and tins could be extremely inconvenient – you might end up with too little or excessive coffee powder due to inconsistency. That is why you need these stand up coffee pouches.

It is great for shelf display and you can get customized labels on it – the setup is quite eye-catching, especially due to the smooth finish. These bags feature a re-sealable zipper so the contents inside doesn’t get spoiled, while the tear notch ensures you can quickly add the desired amount of tea or coffee and seal it up once more.

The pouches also have a degassing valve, so unwanted gasses don’t affect the quality of coffee, while imparting more flexibility to the package. Thus the bag doesn’t inflate or burst, sparing you the trouble of messy cleanups.

Apart from storage these bags come in handy for dispatching as well. So what are you waiting for? Stock up on them right away!