Colorful Metallic Stand Up Pouches (100 pieces)


Thickness: 80-100 micron

Material: PET+AL+PE

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Colors have a deep impact on our psychology. Bright colors are associated with cheerfulness while light and soothing colors make us feel peaceful. Marketers choose bright colored packaging to draw attention. The brightly colored packets catch attention even from a distance. So, we present stand up pouches in metallic colors to package your food items and lure people.

Red, blue, green, or black, the colorful metallic stand up pouches are sure to please your customers. They are made from food grade material, a combination of Pet, AL, and PE. With advanced zip locks, these pouches keep the content fresh and retain the taste too. The tear notches allow the customers to use the pouches conveniently.

Manufactured in multiple sizes, you can choose the ones that suit your product type. We also make sure to suit your budget and hence offer these pouches in bulk at discounted prices. Order the colorful metallic stand up pouches today and give your marketing efforts a twist.

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Blue 12×20+4cm, Blue 14×20+4cm, Red 16×26+4cm, Red 18×26+4cm, Black 18×30+5cm, Black 20×30+5cm