Juice Stand Up Pouch with Handle (100 pieces)


Size: 500ml

A-J altogether 10 types of bags you can choose!

We offer silk-screen printing on the blank pouches.



Convenient for Eateries

If you own a fast food eatery, packaging juice in a spout pouch offers you several advantages. The first one is that you can print your business logo and advertise on the spout pouches. This makes your business look unique, and therefore customers will always remember the name, and you become more famous. Secondly, the customers can take away the juice, and this is likely to increase your sales since they can buy more for their family. This high portability makes the business sell more. Lastly and most importantly, you don’t have to buy glasses that will break if used by messy customers and their children. You will also save on the cost of dishwashing since you don’t have glasses to clean.