Kraft Three Side Seal Zipper Bags with window (100 pieces)


Thickness: 140 micron

Material: White Kraft Paper+PET+CPP

Uses: package candy, cookies, crackers, dried fruit, grains, herbs, nuts, oats, pastas, pet food, powders, seeds, and more

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Kraft Zipper Pouch Bags offer a moderate barrier with an airtight, re-sealable zip closure. This Kraft style includes a clear window to show off your product while keeping it fresh.

  • Ideal for retailing non-refrigerated items
  • Inner-bag lamination keeps products fresh
  • Heat sealable
  • Food Safe

Grab the attention of your target customers with the stylish Kraft three side seal zipper bags. The earthy color, excellent quality, and unique design make these pouches the most perfect to package your products. Be it candies, cookies, pet foods or nuts, you can package different types of non-refrigerated items in these bags and sell them to your target customers.

These bags come with windows to allow the consumers to have a look at the food packaged inside and hence increase their chance of buying them. Made from food-safe materials and with the airtight resealable zip closure, the pouches keep the food items fresh for a long time.

The inner-bag lamination works as a double protection to lock in the freshness. The bags come in 10 different sizes to help you to choose the right size for your product.

The earthy color makes the pouches look sophisticated. With the advanced design and superior quality, these Kraft three side seal zipper bags are perfect to impress your customers.

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