Kraft Three Side Seal Zipper Bags (100 pieces)


Thickness: 140 micron

Material: Kraft Paper+VMPET+CPP

Uses: package candy, cookies, crackers, dried fruit, grains, herbs, nuts, oats, pastas, pet food, powders, seeds, and more

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Kraft Zipper Pouch Bags offer a moderate barrier with an airtight, re-sealable zip closure.

  • Ideal for retailing non-refrigerated items
  • Inner-bag lamination keeps products fresh
  • Heat sealable
  • Food Safe

We offer Kraft three side seal zipper bags to market your products. These pouches with resealable zip closure and inner-bag lamination keep food fresh and intact. Thus, these bags are ideal to store items like nuts, oats, cookies, herbs, and candies.

Made of food grade plastic, the Kraft bags are of high quality. They look impressive with the earthy color and the silver lining inside. Neat and cool, they are ideal to promote your products to your target customers. The zipper bags come with windows to allow consumers to check the items inside and make better buying decisions. Thus, you can tempt your customers to buy your products by packaging them in these attractive pouches.

We offer these bags in a range of sizes so that you can choose accordingly. Get them in bulk quantities and find an affordable and convenient way to promote your goodies. With Kraft zipper bags you would create a strong impression.

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