Silver Flat Bottom Pouches (100 pieces)


Thickness: 120 micron

Material: PET+AL+PE

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Trendy, convenient, affordable and eco-friendly, flat bottom pouches have emerged to be most popular with various brands. Although they are new, they are winning hearts easily. We offer the best of flat-bottomed pouches in silver finish to make your customers feel special.

Pack freshly roasted coffee beans or baked goodies in these high-quality bags. They would retain the flavor of the items and lock out moisture and oxygen. Made from superior materials, they are perfect to store food items. The thickness of 140 micron makes them eco-friendly.

Tough but light, the flat-bottomed pouches are designed to fit all types of racks. They are easy to stack, hold and carry. The practical design makes them a favorite with consumers. The zip lock protects the food while the silver finish attracts the customers.

Choose the right size to pack your products and customize the pouches. They are offered in bulk quantities to keep the price competitive.

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10×20+6cm, 12×22+6cm, 14×24+6cm, 16×26+8cm, 18×28+8cm, 20×30+8cm