Silver Vacuum Bags (100 pieces)


Thickness: 100 micron

Material: PET+AL+PE

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Vacuum packaging provides a convenient way to protect food from spoiling. Most brands that deal with food items like nuts, cookies, and spices prefer vacuum bags to package their products. Thus, we offer silver vacuum bags that provide a high barrier against moisture and oxygen.

Our vacuum bags are made from high-quality food grade materials that are approved by the FDA. They are safe to store food items of various types. These bags come with seals that lock the freshness of the food and keeps elements like insects, oxygen, and moisture at bay.

The silver color renders the bags an attractive look that lures customers. With these packages, your brand would get more attention. Available in a wide range of sizes, you can pack items in small quantities like herbs or spices in them. The bigger ones are ideal for cookies and pet foods.

So, invest in silver vacuum bags today and make your brand more popular with your target audience.

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