White Paper Flat Bottom Pouches with Window (100 pieces)


Thickness: 160 micron

Material: Matt OPP+Kraft Paper+CPP



These white paper bags are designed to offer you great use I various sectors if your life. As you can easily use them to store anything from lunch to spices found in your kitchen. Each bag goes under a strict quality control, that checks for any and all issues. In addition, the quality materials used help ensure that you get the most use out of these paper storage pouches.

A great feature of these paper storage pouches is that they offer a wide window on the font, so you can easily view the content of the bag, and even tell when a new purchase or refill is required, without having to open each pouch and check. This is a great advantage and can help save time and efforts. In addition, it can help make the process much faster, so you can experience efficient working.

These paper storage pouches are designed in a way that they offer a completely flat surface from the bottom, so you do not have to deal with balancing them on the shelf, or anywhere. They are perfectly capable of holding their position.

The tear notch and zipper is a great addition, as it helps you keep the thing fresh and safely protected from any harmful impact. So when the time comes to use them, the customers can easily tear the notch, and unzip the plastic seal. Once they are done using the contents, they can easily rezip the pouch to maintain freshness.

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10×20+6cm, 12×22+6cm, 14×24+6cm, 16×26+8cm, 18×28+8cm, 20×30+8cm