The book is a brochure about you can see some of valuable information on the cover and inside.the first page introduces a founfer member of children school.His name is yingen zhu. He is a genius.He have established the company 10 years. Some of children tell reporter that it is interesting to study at this shcool.The children shcool have some of special educational methods.It can promote children’s achievement in a short time.And it can also bring happy for children.Therefore,more and more parents wants to bring their children to this is a necessary things.Study can make people to turn smart.And when you encounter some of difficulties ,Knowledge maybe can help you to solve these questions.

Details of this brochure

The brochure is made of 200g art paper,color printing and matt lamination. The total page is 28p.If you want to custom it. Trust us. We have the finest experience,teconology ande service for you.