heat-sealable-bopp-filmsPP is polypropylene, a common plastic. OPP is oriented PP: It is PP that has been stretched in order to orient its molecules which makes it stronger in the direction of orientation. CPP is clarified PP: It is PP with a chemical additive blended into it that makes the normally cloudy PP relatively clear.

OPP is Oriented polypropylene. This films have a variety of uses in both packaging and non-food packaging applications. These films are complex, usually multi-layered structures, which are developed to meet the exacting requirements of end-users, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Frito-Lay, Hershey and Nabisco.

CPP is cast polypropylene. Has been known in the packaging field to be the more “elegant” brother of polyethylene film, with higher gloss, greater transparency and better heat resistance. In the stationery industry, CPP film has developed the reputation for being the cost effective alternative to PVC film. What is not widely known about CPP film is its versatility. This film category is available in a variety of types and for multiple applications. CPP film is available with a polished or embossed surface, gloss or matte finish, stiff or flexible, clear or colored (semi-transparent or opaque), or in a combination thereof.

Orientated Polypropylene (OPP), Bi-Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP), Metallized Bi-Orientated Polypropylene (MET BOPP) are the same type of films. After the film is extruded, it is stretched in both the machine and transverse directions which improves the film’s stiffness, clarity and tensile strength. Because of the film’s stiffness, resistance to heat and moisture and its high gloss shiny finish, makes OPP films an ideal packaging solution to wrap hard candies, chocolates and wrapping flowers. When OPP/BOPP films are laminated with metal foil (MET) it will increase the film’s oxygen, water barrier and block out UV rays. Our OPP films are available in a variety of blends, widths, thicknesses, colors and can be customized to your needs.