paper factory

The most of packaging is made from white card paper ( one side coated paper or art paper) in China.

The paper thick is 250-350 GSM ( Grams per square metre).

Also the nature paper (without coated) is good choice, like Kraft paper and black cards paper.

We know the paper is friendly for the environment, but sometimes we are more like the plastic lamination (opp) in the finish process, let the boxes have the good waterproofness. This is not good for environment.

The Gloss/Matt Varnish is better than plastic lamination.

If you think the withe card paper is expensive, the CCNB/CCWB (Clay Coated News Back/Glay coated W te Back) is the new choice. The price at  4/5 of white card paper. the thickness suggest is  300-350GSM.

CCNB clay coated news back

kraft paper coil