White_cardboard_paper_packaging_box_with_print_customized_logo_package White_cardboard_paper_packaging_box_with_print_customized_logo_packageWhite_cardboard_paper_packaging_box_with_print_customized_logo_package White_cardboard_paper_packaging_box_with_print_customized_logo_package

This box is made of 350 grams of white art paper one side coated. Red and black. The opening part also designed a small hook. It won’t take too much space.The cover is covered with a layer of lamination, not only for waterproofing, but also for preventing loose ink.The overall appearance is very atmospheric, simple.The use and description of the product is also very intuitive.In order to make it more convenient for customers to use. An instruction book was attached to the box.If you want to customize this type of box, please contact us.